Welcome to TRINITY Church!

Welcome to TRINITY Church!



The Ignite Worship Service is Spirit filled and Spirit led. The style of the service is in contemporary format and the music is frequently guitar or keyboard driven, but hymns are not excluded. The music is done in a variety of different ways with the overall focus on God and not the music. Worshipers are free to worship our God in whatever way He leads and inspires them to worship Him: standing, sitting, kneeling, silently, raising hands, bowing heads, and any other way the Lord brings worshipers to His throne. 

Our Ignite Services are every 2nd and 4th Sunday at 8:30 am - Come join us!

Will Powell- Lead Vocals, Guitar, Percussion

Al Powell - Backup Vocals, Guitar

Tim Padden - Guitar

Sandra Powell - Piano

Lisa Upper - Vocals

Madden Bataille- Congas/Percussion

Ashton Powell- Bass Player



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