Ministries at Trinity -


Trinity is an active place. We have a wide variety of ways in which we connect with one another for teaching, fellowship and service. From our Sunday morning Christian Formation classes to missions trips overseas, to our small groups, there is a place for you to connect, to learn and to serve! Below is a list of many of our activities. Come visit us and we'd be glad to give you more information about where you can get plugged in.

Family and Adult:


Whether you are from the "silent" generation, the builders, boomers, busters, or millennial; whether you are single or married, divorced or widowed; whether you are new parent, single parent, or empty-nester, we want to partner with you in your walk with God. There is no "one size fits all" in ministry with  families and adults. The range of ages and needs varies greatly. It is our desire to see that every family or adult life in the church is being formed by the Word of God and transformed into the likeness of Christ, no matter what age or life situation.


Children and Youth:


Simply put, Youth Ministry is the Church's efforts to help each & every young person grow personally & spiritually. Our purpose is to teach children about God, his Word, saving faith in Jesus Christ, and God's chosen way for disciples to live in fellowship with God and with others.


  • Kidzone is a special time during our Family Worship service where Kids can hear the gospel in in a supportive and engaging environment. Kidzone is for ages 3 years to 3rd grade.
  • Pioneer Clubs is for boys and girls age 4 to grade 5.  They meet on Sunday evenings from 5:00 – 6:30pm from Sept – May.  Each class (Skippers, Trailblazers, Voyagers) is taught Biblical, practical life applications; they have wholesome and fun activity badges; enjoy Family Game Nights and more!  


Trinity Preschool

Trinity Covenant Montessori- Inspired Preschool is a nine month program planned to help your child develop to his or her fullest potential. Children are encouraged to help themselves and to think for themselves. We strive to help them begin to assume responsibility for their own behavior and to develop some self control. We encourage independence of thought and creativity. Click PRESCHOOL for more info.



Passion for lost people and restored friendship with God through Jesus Christ is the driving force of mission (2 Peter 3:9). This is God's joy. Mission moves and flows as the Holy Spirit directs it. The Evangelical Covenant Church and Trinity Church shares this passion to bring the lost and hurting people to God. Click MISSIONS for more info.

Music Ministries

If you have musical talent,play an instrument, or just enjoy singing, we need you!! We practice every Thursday night at 7:30 in the choir room. Please email Liz Doebler, Worship Director if interested.